Friday, May 31, 2019

That came by fast

Week seven came quick
The house is looking pretty good, being sick for the whole week definitely affected the building process, I used small wood rectangle's to do a design around the door, brown sharpie was used to look as if the wood had been stained.

I did actually do frames for the windows out of the little sticks, it took quite a while to do because i had to do very precise cuts with small sticks. I got it done though and i'm trying to recover as fast as possible so i can keep the building process going.

I know i wont be finished by week 8 but this project is not about finishing. If you like it enough, you should be continuing with it which is what i will do!

Week six going great

Week six 
This week was a great week! We worked on the roof of the house and I think next week we might glue everything  together but we still have the deck to do. You have to maintain a high amount of focus to do this because if you don't make precise cuts then some things won't glue the same. Even though i ended up being sick for almost half the week, i still managed to get quite a bit of work.

Me and my mom have been having some ideas about how we are going to do this project, we bought some very tiny sticks that would make up for perfect window frames but we really need to make good cutting jobs with the box cutters. We are also going to use Popsicle sticks for  the pillars.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Starting the building

Starting the building
Me and my mom just started the house and we decided that we will try to perform a model of our house. It actually started off really easy because we watched a tutorial on different Popsicle stick roof designs and one of them was pretty cool, we can use tiny pieces of wood to make wooden shingles and stain them to make them a nice color.

The glue was so annoying though! Every 10 minutes i would have to go to the sink and wash it off. We made little wood pallets out of Popsicle sticks and that will be the floor. I used to do crafts with my mom so this was quite an easy start to the house.

Hopefully I filled you guys in with what happened this week and i will fill you guys in with some week six later.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Week Three Struggles

Week Three struggles

Hey, my mom just left for British Colombia and dad is on day shifts, i am just finishing my blueprint for my house and am waiting for my mom to get back until I start building, the wood is definitely going to be pricey. I need to add up the prices of all of the materials. I think that this attempt to build a house will be a cool experience. We will just have to see what happens.

Plan B

                 Week 4
It's already week 4 and my mom just got back from her trip from British Colombia, we were looking at the prices for the wood and wow, the prices are insane! I knew that I was going to run into a problem and I've done that in this instant. My mom had a creative idea, she wonders if I can make a model of a big house/mansion out of popsicle sticks. If I am able to complete this, I will donate it to a daycare center. If I can't complete the task, I will still be proud of myself for trying hard.

I hope that everyone still likes what i'm doing because in defense, it still is a little house, just smaller. It won't be a little 2x2 inch house, it's going to be a couple feet. depending on the time I have, I will try to paint it.
Image result for popsicle house
This house gave me a good idea of what I will do. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Week Two

week two ideas 

I am finding out prices for materials i will need,
it has been stressing to see prices because i also want to 
stay within my budget. Two materials that will help me a lot
and also be able to stay in my budget are these two...

Wood Pallets                                                  Wood Finisher               This wood can be used as my flooring for my little           This can help my house be supported if it 
 house because it can not only support my mattress but      rains, it will stay fresh as well.
support my weight while i'm trying to sleep in it. 

60 Second-pitch

Hi, today was the first day of the 60 second pitch. I went second last because I was nervous of getting my idea rejected, eventually, i said "i'll go" because it was now or never. In my opinion,  everyone was the most engaged in my idea. I think this weekend I need to`go to a place that has wood finisher so then it will make the house easier to last during the crappy weather, thank you to Ryan for the beautiful suggestion because I think that will cause me a lot less of stress. I am thinking about how i will get drives to get my supplies because i will need drives in the future.Image result for 60 second pitch